Play Fest



The ultimate play fest — Art in the Public Eye style.

10 teams – each with one writer, one director and 3 or 4 actors – are randomly selected and meet for the first time on Friday night. A theme is announced and each team has one hour to meet before dispersing for the night.

Writers set to work writing a 10 minute play which is complete by 5 AM the next morning.
Directors and actors rehearse all day for an 8 PM performance!
Plus – audience votes decide the best play, actor and actress.
And yes, extra votes can be purchased for $1!

Congratulations to the 2015 Writers

Christopher Baldwin
Tin Gonyea
Jenny Latzko
Damon Lee
Kate Mance
Mike Mender
Asa Morris
Ryan Robinson
Toni Sommo
Caitlin Stedman



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Best Writer
1st – AJ Davidson “Writer’s Block”
2nd – Kate Mance “Worst Date Ever”
3rd – Jenny Latzko “Minute by Minute”

Best Director
1st – Ryan Robinson “Worst Date Ever”
2nd – Pete Carrolan “Writer’s Block”
3rd – Alicia Macier “On Sirens’ Rock”

Best Actor
1st – Nate Wright “Baggage”
2nd – Zack Bissell “Minute by Minute”
3rd – Alex Perrone “Minute by Minute”

Best Actress
1st – Kara Woomer “Worst Date Ever”
2nd – Laura Lightfoote “Writer’s Block”
3rd – Erin Dove “Last Ride to Philly”